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Adidas Metalbone Control Padel Racket

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Adidas Metalbone Control Padel Racket

The Metalbone is the racket that Ale Galán will wield during 2021. With a diamond shape, this racket discovers another dimension in padel thanks to the possibility of customizing the weight and balance according to the demands of each match. With this racket you will be able to make a difference in attacking shots thanks to the power.
It is a racket with excellent manageability thanks to the Weight & Balance system technology that allows you to customize the weight and balance to provide the racket with excellent manageability, optimal comfort due to the geometry and the EVA Soft performance rubber that favours a feeling of comfort when hitting and magnificent power thanks to the Octagonal Structure technology and its aluminized carbon composition.

Player Profile: Racket designed for professional or advanced level players who develop an attacking game based on power and control.


- Power: The Octogonal Structure Technology And Its Composition Of Aluminized Carbon Makes This Model One Of The Most Powerful.
- Comfort: The Geometry, The Eva Soft Performance Rubber And The Ctrl Shape Enhances The Feeling Of Comfort At Ball Impact.
- Handling: The Weight & Balance System, Allows You To Customize The Weight And Balance, Giving The Racket Exceptional Manageability.


- Format: Round
- Weight: 345-360 Gr Personalizable (+0-12 Gr)
- Balance: Even (265 Mm)
- Sweet Spot: Center
- Level: Advanced
- Frequency: Habitual
- Lenght: 455 Mm
- Surface: 485 Cm2
- Thinkness: 38 Mm