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Wilson Recon 85 Badminton Racket with Full Length Racket Cover

  • £37.99
  • R.R.P. Regular price £79.99

The Wilson Recon 85 Badminton rackets are designed to offer the beginner to intermediate player explosive power whilst having features to not compromise on control.

The Wilson Recon 85 are full size badminton rackets

Head Light Balance for good racket maneuverability.

100g Strung weight for increased momentum and speed in the swing.

Lower tension strings to increase control.

A stiffer frame again for a more aggressive smash shot.

Standard size grip with a comfortable Wilson racket Grip.

Both rackets come fully strung to their recommended tension.

Included a  full length Wilson Badminton Racket cover which has a full length zip, is nicely padded and has a full length strap for convenient carrying over the shoulder.